Saturday, May 22, 2010

All old content up and ready (I think)

Finally. It took a week.

There might be a few things lying here and there or in hidden files that could later be added, but I think all the older writing is up now.

So what does this include? A few notes:

Reviews: some of these are very old, dating back to '99 or a little earlier. As it says in the sidebar to the right (or it did when I posted this), almost all of these reviews were written when I received promos for the album or bought them or whatever. So this first/second/third OLD wave ended around '05, maybe late '04. Why read reviews of old albums? That depends on you. The reviews often aren't about the album at all. This...just happens.

Interviews: I wish I had the dates for all of these. I also wish I had the time to go back through and properly format them, tidy them up, edit them a little, adjust things, etc. I don't. They usually can be dated by reading about the album these guys are trying to promote, describe or explain. All these first interviews ended in December 2004. At that point I was so sick of talking to musicians and weird black metal guys (who lied about everything or who were always in character, ridiculously) that I gave up. This...also happens.

Essays: most of these should be dated. Some are vital to me and still interesting, some are overly long and tedious, some are just strange. I still like writing this kind of stuff. There will be more.

Articles or editorials: these were little things written in a blaze when I was thinking/feeling something urgently. A lot of them are just really personal and I never expected anyone to really "get" them. That's okay. It's sometimes hard for me to read them now.

FAQs: the first one (really long) still cracks me up because of how much anger and arrogance it contains...but one should note that most of that was in response to the emails I would get from incredibly stupid people. I am not only ashamed to listen to the same music as people like this, I realized much later that writing a FAQ that teasingly mocked them or sardonically "answered" their questions was they were probably illiterate in addition to being deaf. So that stands as it is. I'll write another one one day soon, just for fun. I like writing these things.

"Why can't I comment on these posts?" I honestly don't care what you think.