Monday, May 17, 2010

Dream Into Dust - No Man's Land

Dream Into Dust - No Man's Land
Chthonic Streams

I was sent this nice little EP in a C.S. promo package along with a copy of their millenium compilation 'On the Brink of Infinity'. I hate reviewing compilations or sampler CDs, even ones that have exclusive tracks, so I will pass on to the current work after saying, in short, that if you are interested in darkwave, dark industrial or folk music, check out this compilation.

One of the tracks on this compilation is by Dream Into Dust, a compelling (if rough-edged) band with obvious darkwave or ambient ambitions. The most striking thing about this release is actually the lyrics, which are quite good in their ability to summon the requisite gloomy atmosphere. They are sung in a way that is not so attractive, actually, but in a style that might be interesting for fans of music that is somewhat 'softer' than what I'm usually into these days: they are very clean, plaintive, and mournful - but devoid, really, of any true emotion. Maybe that's the point, I don't know.

The music is much more attractive, setting up evocative atmospheres of grim and lightless tragedy, minimalistic in approach but very rich in effectiveness. The songs are built on low drones, whispering bells, wide sweeps of ambient soundscapes. If this was just an 'instrumental' album I think it would fare much better. The vocals tend to distract from the rest of the music, drawing your ears up when your head just wants to sink down in a reverie.

Overall I would say that this is a release that's worthy of your attention if you like the gothic style of vocalizing, and if you can stand to hear grown men mourn openly. I would like to hear what this band is capable of in a purely ambient/instrumental setting.