Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nephasth - Conceived By Inhuman Blood

Nephasth - Conceived By Inhuman Blood
2004, Mighty Music

+ | Loud, clear, somewhat atypical typewriter kick drum triggers, a very clean and azure sky guitar sound, vocals up front and decipherable. Better themes and side-melodies than on their last album.

- | As everyone else is probably no doubt saying by now, this album is one long blast beat. This band, as I said in my review of their last album, are so completely "influenced" by Krisiun and Rebaelliun that they sound like they are trying to somehow clone those two bands, or join two clones together into one. I don't know if they do so because they excessively enjoy this particular style of metal, they think it will have an audience, or they are interested in displaying what is now the "typical" Brazilian death metal sound. Pity. Still, while I mainly criticized their last album on the basis of its similarities to other bands, one can tell that they at least tried to differentiate their approach on this record as the songwriting flexibility has improved (listen to the second song, for example), although the style they are still strongly "advocating" in their approach to modern death is still too close to other bands. Almost all of the stylistic/musical structures that they employ were first explored by the two bands mentioned above, and the additions Nephasth does offer are not interesting enough in their own right to excite fans of those bands unless one has an insatiable appetite for this kind of music. Having said that, this release shows that they are at least trying to develop something which they can call their own, and I hope they continue to move towards that.

Point: "Here comes the next big Brazilian death metal attack!" [from their website biography, seen here: LINK]

Response: I am assuming that there are people inside and outside of Brazil who are actually looking for bands to champion their nation's metal scene. That brings up a lot of questions in my mind. Who are these people? Hasn't Brazil always had a strong metal scene? Is it really a scene or do all of these bands hate each other? Is this all due to Krisiun's success? How successful are Krisiun? How popular is this kind of music in Brazil? Aren't people there (and outside) tired of this kind of metal by now? How does a band like this still inspire themselves to keep writing music when they sound so much like other bands? I would think that would be depressing. I suppose they have ambitions to be a "big death metal band" (whatever that means) and gain glory, etc. I wish they would do it in a more original way.