Friday, June 17, 2011

Aosoth - III

Aosoth – III
Agonia, 2011

So those of us outside of whatever spiritual journey there is and such flights and escapes presuppose hierarchies in themselves, guides and structures which others will show you or reticently hint at and then glide behind innumerable veils, riding on the razor edge of faith and desire that you (one still believes in such things) will believe in…what? Nothing. But where, before, in our Western, virgin, utterly newborn and ignorant education, Nihilism still carried the unhallowed taint of an eternal fall and the supposed Catholic joy or temptation of the same, the pleasure of the fallen and irredeemable, there was titillation and promised felicity in stroked nerves rendered mute and dusted in a collapsed civilization, each proponent so eager to claim the I, the subjective, the Me, the all important personal experience, the internal, Eternal world, the meaning that escaped Subjectivity to become Objective, the single man becoming singular and thus…everyman?

This is the problem of Evil.

Aosoth do not escape this. They strive to express the power in Evil, they push forward so eagerly (not really, that’s a cliché, a commonplace, they really don’t care at all) – but it’s appearances, apparently that matter (ala Wilde, horrible, tragic commonplace in itself) – they never express Evil or anything near it. They do express Darkness, but that is merely a matter of perception. To someone, I can spout innumerable examples, this will appear strident, noteworthy, something to be noted, examined, perhaps listened to over and over on headphones while escaping others, deep down, hidden in the depths of a creek overhang while parents harangue and throw dishes at each other in a trailer park. Here is Evil, here is Power, here is an escape. I will do this, I will make this, I will escape, I will learn minor chords and slow, tiny variations in chords, moving from fret to fret to limit my own expression (how fenced-in the melodic array of “evil” and “darkness” is in metal!), I will find some literary escape and throw myself into black, horror-ridden dimensions in order to escape into…what? Nothingness. Suicide. <-- <-- <--

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